All New Single Summer 2019!!


We are CORE 10


Core 10 is reformed with original members Duncan Nisbet (vocals, guitar), Sean Michael Lenhoff (vocals), Brian Milam(bass), and Ronnie King (keyboard), and are back to thier original sound of powerful bursts of heavy melodic groove with a fusion of two unique vocal styles.


Core 10 has released its first single "Unforgotten" in late 2017, and has recently released its second single "Introspection" which are both produced by  & Ulrich Wild (Pantera, Deftones, Static-X) as well as  Alejandro Taranto on "Introspection" . The video for "Unforgotten" is Directed by J.P. Brasca, and has over 100k views on youtube.


Core 10 has been honing their chops in 2017 & 2018, playing more than an album’s worth of new music during live West Coast showcases. They are finally ready to release the album they recorded with all the original members. 

Vocals, Guitar / Duncan Nisbet
Vocals / Sean Michael Lenhoff
Keys / Ronnie King
Bass / Brian Milam

Most photos, unless noted are shot by Ron Lyon.
Cover Artwork, Logos & Graphics by Billy Wright.

Core 10 Tour


PRess & Reviews


“The band is like a rad chemistry project, mixing and matching all sorts of sounds, emotion and styles of music namely metal, punk and rock. I would call these guys mad scientists of music.”

Brenda Starr, Backstage 360 Magazine (May 04, 2017)


“Their beautiful fusion of rock, metal, and punk tasted like a Godsmack, Rollins Band and Rage Against the Machine sandwich. Every song was different from the last and their set took me through a roller coaster ride of emotions.” 

Noah Robertson, New Metal 4U (Apr 09, 2017)


"The music of CORE 10 thwarts any attempt anyone can make to corner their sound."

Noe Gutierrez, Coachella Valley Weekly (Mar 21, 2018)

"Hip hop artists are loving Core 10! I’ve got Ron Killings [R Truth of the WWE] loving it. Every hip hop artist I let listen to Core 10 are out of their minds about it. I just had Luciano Jr. from Buenos Aires artist Los Fabuloso Cadillacs put his rap on a Core 10 song. He said it was the coolest stuff he’s done in a long time."

- Wookubus, The PRP (Mar 21, 2018)




by Core 10